Monday, August 1, 2016

Seven Easy Ways to Cope With Frizz

When we wake from sleep in the morning, we often see through the mirror of Frizz. So make an appearance we become less tasty in view, and being a bit distracted.

hair frizz

To make the back hair neat and does not tangle, we often use the sidelines of fingers or a comb and pulled it so that the tangled hair become straight. This way we should be willing to lose some hair strands due to the pull of yesteryear.

Why our hair becomes matted when waking up and broken? Tangled hair is caused by eating habits, the type of water used, or when styling your hair. It can affect the strength of the hair.

On this occasion, we will provide seven how to cope with Frizz, which you can try at home. Seven ways this was common habits that we do every day on the hair without us even knowing.

1. Use Shampoo

Before you buy a product shampoo is a good idea for you to take notice of her shampoo you use, whether there is material that can soften and strengthen hair. Choose shampoos that does not cause hair to become dry. It can also, using oil before shampooing.


2. The use of Conditioner

Just like the selection of shampoos, use a Conditioner also commands must be in the note. The function of the Conditioner is to soften the hair. Use egg white and henna can be one way to natural conditioner.

3. Use cold water

Flush your hair while shampooing wearing cool water, as cold water can loosen the hair cuticles, as well as makes hair softer and shinier. And try to avoid warm water.

4. reduce hair dryers

You are always using a hair dryer to dry the hair, from now on we recommend to lessen the utilization of these tools. We recommend that once you let the hair dry shampoo by itself with the help of the surrounding air.

5. Don't rush pat dry your hair with a Towel

A colossal mistake if dry hair by rubbing a bunch of hair towel. Try to separate your hair with fingers first, and then rub it very gently with a cloth.

6. Use a wide toothed comb

Avoid combing with the comb when hair is wet. When very necessary, try to use wide toothed side or the fingers of the hand.

7. Brush before bed

It is highly recommended to remove the bond or braids just before bed. Try also to get used to comb out before going to bed so that tangling can be reduced.

So that's the last way cope with Frizz, this way when you do every day, then your Frizz can be ensured to be lost.



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