Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tips On Hair Quickly And Naturally

Have long hair in a short time is no longer a problem in the modern era. Now there is hair extension that could help long hair in quick time.

Tips On Hair Quickly And Naturally

But, did you know? If you want to be patient a little bit, a lot of natural alternative ways to lengthen your hair with a quick and natural.

Here are a few steps to extend the hair quickly and naturally

1. cut the ends of your hair Routine

If you want a long and healthy hair, perform routine cutting ends of your hair on a regular basis. "Eliminates damage to the ends of the hair to make grow faster," bright hair stylist Michael Duenas.

2. Comb the hair before bed

Brushing the hair to the scalp gently each night equal to distribute scalp oils are blended. So hair stays moisturized naturally. It also helps improve blood circulation.

3. Keep the scalp remains healthy

Think of hair like a tree, if the soil and roots are not taken care of will be slower. Therefore make sure healthy scalp free of dandruff.

4. Consumption of protein-rich foods

"To boots, hair growth need to intake from the inside. Such as fish, nuts, wheat germ, "bright one skin doctors products shampoo, Francesco Fusco.

5. avoid hair dryer heat

The biggest cause of which can damage the hair from hot tools such as blow dryer and hair straighteners.

6. Wash two-three days

"Shampooing your hair two to three times a week is the general rule. This allows for the damming of the hair, "Frank Fusco doctor. Though not daily shampooing be sure hair is free of excess oil, dandruff, and itchy.

7. Take a shower with cold water

Body cleanse using warm water is not so good for the skin but also have an impact on the hair. Better body, rinse with cold water to help close the cuticle of the skin and scalp.



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