Friday, January 17, 2014

Men Hairstyle Trends 2014

Men Hairstyle Trends 2014Hair trend is not just for women . Men also have their own hairstyle which is expected to be much favored in the 2014 's . Hairstyles men as much as women who did not can be made of various shades

2014 men's hairstyle trends are still dominated by the probability model that trend in the previous year . Example is the model undercuts , and models derived from it . Although , he actually can look elegant with long hair .

Here are a few hairstyles that men can be applied :

1. Bowl Cut
Bowl Cut 
This piece was inspired style of the bowl . Hair cut similar to the shape of the bowl . The front looks a ponytail . The model actually been a trend in the late 80 's and early 90's . And the trend will be back this year .

2. Undercut


Undercut hairstyles trends , hair cutting was done more on the side to the rear . The side is much thinner than the hair above the part belakang.Sementara to be made longer .

3. Oseledets


Haircut model is still derived from the undercut . However osedelets leaving longer hair over the thin side .

4. Recon

Recon hairstyle is almost the same as the undercut . It's just the sides and back of the head , hair slashed . There is a real contrast between the hair at the top and bottom .

5. Long Hair
Men with long hair might be considered taboo . However , if the setting is right it can show the masculine side . Just how to adjust the length and explained the models hair to support a more handsome face .


So from some men's hair styles that will be the trend in 2014 please specify , where the hairstyles that suit your style day. And there is a good idea before you change the hair style to follow the hair trends of 2014.



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