Monday, August 8, 2016

How To Organize Your Curly Hair To Look Straight

You have curls sometimes looks messy and hard to set especially if the curly hair was quite long. Several ways can be done to comb curly hair in an easy way. However, the way to spruce up this curly hair needs the help of some herbal remedies as a mixture of coconut oil and a bit of olive oil. If you feel you do not like the smell of both the oil, you can replace it with Aloe Vera.

Curly Hair tips

Oil are good for hair as it can make it appear to glow. To get neat curls, several things can be done when on the comb.

Here are a few tips that could carry out to brush curly hair and make it look straight. Let's follow his footsteps

1. Wash your long curly hair with running water. Use a good shampoo and is suitable for hair. Wash with clean so all the dirt on the scalp are missing.

2. When the hair is still wet, pour the herbal oil in your palms and then massage gently into the top of your hair, but don't rub it in until the scalp. Try not to use any oil that is too sticky.

3. After giving the oil on the top of the hair, align to the bottom of the hair using a comb.

4. Use your fingers to arrange a section of hair that is stubborn and to flatten on the sidelines of the hair. Do repeatedly continue until the hair gently and regularly due to the effects of the oil that are applied.

5. If you feel too much oil in the hair thus making it sticky, sprinkle a little powder on your Palm and apply it on your hair. This can help remove sticky posed by oil on your hair.

6. Finally, backcomb your curly hair and set in such a way to look neat and seem more straight and irregular.

This could be one way to make your curly hair into looking more sleek and straight look without the aid of tools hair straightener that is capable of damaging the hair.



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