Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Performing at Maximum Without Hair Should be in Blow Dry

Among most women in this modern time, maximum hair style is a supporting appearance in a days. But there is the time your hair should be shampooed and usually, after that your hair takes a time to dry it, but what can your hair appear cool without having to in blow dry? Here we give you some simple tips for your hair to look fresh as the celebrities of Hollywood.

Performing at Maximum Without Hair

1. use a leave-in conditioner or hair serum

Use a hair serum, especially for hair that is thick and rough to in-blow can still look neat and does not expand. For normal hair or thin, both products are also useful to let hair remain elegant without the little hairs that stand up. But if your hair is light, use standard and both of them just a little, about 1-2 drops. For curly or wavy hair, both products were extremely useful to affirm texture waves or curls.

2. Starting from the damp hair

Before using any product, the hair must be in a humid State. Damp means wet half here, not soaking wet discharged shampooing. After shampooing, soak up the water with the push-press (not rubbing) towels to the hair. To accelerate the drying of water absorbency, again in the hair with a high water absorption as cotton jerseys. If you have a t-shirt that is not used anymore, use to dry hair. Instead of jerseys, you can also absorb water in the hair with tissue paper so that the hair dry fast.

3. use Ionic hairdryer

If you want to dry the hair with a hairdryer without in-blow trying to use hairdryer type ion, ion because the technology can break down water molecule evaporates so that hair two times faster than ordinary hairdryer usage. Also, the results any more subtle hair shiny, and more presentable.

That's the last three simple tips in organizing your hair to appear cool, and you are ready to perform the activities outside of the home with the look of the hair. Good luck



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