Thursday, June 23, 2016

5 Habits Cause Hair to Break Easily

May you now be having a broken hair? Damaged hair is a condition where the hair in times of stress resulting from the habit of taking care of the hair that is not right. Healthy hair is a dream of every woman. For that, you should pay attention to hair care every day you're doing on your hair.

Here we describe some causes of hair into easily broken, which you should avoid.

 Damaged hair women

1. rub the dry towel while wet hair

After shampooing person people usually, will dry the hair with a towel rub up against. Possible for leather, cloth towels feel soft, but not on the hair. When the towel to rub up against hair and even make it, so the brittle so quickly broke.

To help your hair dry faster after shampooing, better wipe your hair with a way of slowly.

2. the hair dryer too hot

Do not let the hair is dried with a blow dryer with the temperature too hot as it will damage the hair. Better let your hair Natural dried around 70-80 percent.

New hair begins to dry, help dry hair using a hair dryer on the cooler. Adjust the distance between the hair and the hair dryer around 15 cm.

3. Comb the hair made from rough

material selection of Hair Combs well you should look, Hair Combs made of plastic are more likely to rip the hair so that it is easily broken.

4. rough pillowcase

You may often find your hair is broken on my pillow when waking up from sleep, about 6-8 hours of our time is spent sleeping. So that the hair is not damaged, select pillowcase made of silk or satin. The type of fabric will not absorb the natural oils your hair and keep the hair free.

5. The bonds of the hair too tight

Tie the hair in a ponytail style is helpful when a hot day. But bond rubber hair that is too powerful can make the hair cuticle so disturbed it works so that the hair is easily broken. It's good to tie up your hair with not too tight so that the hair is not damaged.

Thus some habits take care of hair that could cause the hair to break easily, and we recommend to always provide vitamins hair, so hair becomes strong and healthy.



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