Friday, March 14, 2014

Men Short Hair Style Trend 2014

Men's short hairstyle trend that will flourish in 2014 implementing unique styles and macho will be an attraction for men. In the year 2013 yesterday hairstyles men still dominated by short haircut. If you've seen the television then you will find a lot of artists he uses a short haircut that would suit the character of the man, they do not want to be bothered.

Short haircut trends in vogue among the young who love stylish very attentive to their appearance. Let's see some 2014 men's short haircut

1. Bed head

Men short hair style
Bed head
Hairstyles bit random mess will still be in demand in 2014. If the hairstyle is considered as sseorang are just waking up. Setting up of the model's hair style is easy enough to use the help of hair gel in the wet a little with water, you can get a hair style like this.

2. Revealed Short Curly Hair

men short curly
Revealed Short Curly Hair
Despite being a man hairstyle korean hairstyle in 2013 this would still seem to have a lot of enthusiasts in 2014. For now we are still many artists who use this hair style, if you notice this is almost the same hairstyle hairstyle Model Mohichan but this style is not made ​​with a hair style model mohawkketas but dropped to the side or can also forward.

3. Beckham Haircut

Beckham Hair style 2014
Beckham Haircut
Still with the nature of man that does not want to be bothered then they choose to pick a short haircut. Beckhamsepertinya still haircut hairstyle will last in 2014. Beckham hairstyle became an inspiration for many people in different parts of the world, when I noticed a hair style which is owned by Beckham still a Mohawk haircut hairstyles, hairstyles Beckham apparently still owned much enjoy doing this so for 2014 hairstyles in 2014 are still around mohawk haircut hairstyle as that of David.

4. Short Hair Mohicans

men short hair 2014
Short Hair Mohicans
This is the latest korean hairstyle men in 2013 yesterday, but the hair style Short Hair Mohicans still will be the latest hairstyle trends in the year 2014. To get this hairstyle either side of short hair cut, hair style model is already there in the 90s and had the faint hair trends at the moment and for the moment the hair from korea desin a touch more fresh and futuristic. Hairstyles Short Hair Mohicans will make you appear more clean and attractive.

5. Halve Side

men short Halve Side
Halve Side
Side Cut hairstyle is a hairstyle that is mostly used by men, it is the hair styles from time to time. Side Cut hair style models have very many variants, the long side split, side split smacking and so forth.

6. Spikes

men hair style Spikes
As we find out there, this hairstyle is very popular among the youth men. Spikes hairstyle impressive semi-formal and casual appearance that seem trendy, to embellish and neat you can use hair gel to arrange the look of your hair.



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