Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Women Hairstyle Trends In 2014

Women Hairstyle Trends In 2014Hair is a crown for all people and also increase confidence when you look at the trend of the latest hairstyles , how to have a hairstyle that suits your face shape in order to increase confidence and also suit the latest trends in hairstyles 2014 . Some predicted hairstyle hits in 2014. Bob hairstyles models , hairstyles Wet Look , mermaid waves and models dominate the long straight .

1 . Mid length cuts

Mid length cuts

Shoulder-length haircut is quite interesting , this hairstyle will also be a trend in 2014 because it can create the impression of casual , but fashionable . This hairstyle can also perform optimally with the use of hair accessories .

2 . Mermaid waves

Mermaid waves Hairstyle
Sometimes, for some women there who are lazy to do her hair in elaborate styles . Good news for women slacker since 2014 hair trends may be shoulder-length curly hair style is a little tangle will make you look cool .

3 . Wet look

Wet look Hairstyle
Wet look style will be the trend was also seen in 2014. Just tips , add serum before styling and comb the hair back to look more leverage .

4 . Bob Hairstyle
Bob Hairstyle

The most haircuts in 2013, this trend is also predicted to occupy the hearts of women in determining hairstyle in 2014 now . In addition to style , bob hair style is considered very simple because the hair style is suitable for all face shapes .

5 . Long And Straight

Long And Straight Hairstyle

You who have long hair straight and healthy and of course , will benefit . Some of this year obtained with straight hair rebounding rigid , in 2014 and the long hair that is naturally straight so the trend trap and would have a lot of options.

That's some hairstyle choices that will trend in this 2014 . This hairstyle can also be adapted to the shape of the face , you simply adjust to the shape of your face so that it can fit each model and the corresponding trend your face shape may be useful.



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