Friday, July 20, 2018

New Women's Short Hair Model 2018

Do not admit child hits if you do not know the latest hairstyle of today. It is no longer crowded with short or long hair with an ombre and given a variety of colours are calm.

Well for that so that your insight and knowledge about hair models increase only see my article is finished until not only half. Okay, here I will give you a presentation about the latest hairstyle models that fit the face shape

1. Pixie - This model is perfect for those of you who have a round face, very short cut hair almost resembles a man's hair. This model is more prioritized on the bangs, bangs deliberately made to cover the cheeks to look more gaunt and obscured.

2. trendy - This model is now very trending, with short and long haircuts. Shortcuts to the neck can make your appearance beautiful and charming. This style is perfect for those of you who have an oval face.

3. Short sweet - This piece follows a Korean style, allowing long straight hair just below the ears or shoulder length with sideways bangs will make you seem very elegant. This model is suitable for party events.

4. Cooper cool - This shoulder-length hair is perfect for those of you who have an oval face. By making the hair straight or curved on the inside and bangs are straightforward to the eyebrows will make you look casual and look dazzling. This model is now very hit among women workers in the office and the company.

5. Curly- For those of you who have a skinny face this model is perfect for you because it will seem more content. These pieces are given bangs to eyebrows sideways and fore.

6. Models bob - It's not unfamiliar do you hear the word bob? nah this bob model of hair is cut short and made curly using the pegging tool. Even some are made straight, usually, the hairstyle is given a calm colour like brown, blue, pink, red. Well for those of you who have a volume of hair or thick hair that is easy to set very suitable to use this model.

7. Model shoulder straight - Different with bob model, this model is only cut shoulder length and left unravelled. While the model bob's hair is cut short and the bottom is made curved. This shoulder-length hair model is very interesting again if given the front bangs or sideways it all depends on your taste.



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