Friday, July 1, 2016

Oily Hair Removal Tips in 5 Minutes

Whatever type of hair you have, it could not avoid the greasy hair. Greasy hair was common in dirty hair. Like the hair that is already not in the days of shampooing hair, are exposed to humid air, pollution, and many other causes. Apart from the factors from outside the hair, you can also change the texture of its own. Either due to age or hair shampoo and food you consume.

But no need to worry. We offer the following tips to get rid of the oil on your hair within five minutes.

Oily Hair Removal tips

a. Rinse the hair properly
If your scalp is oily only in certain areas, this may just be because the hair is not rinsed properly and the maximum. Good shampoo or conditioner that still clings to the hair, both of which can make the hair greasy.

b. Always bring the powder transculent

When is outside the House and realize your hair oily had started, the powder transculent can be a lifesaver for you. Without having to memperberat bag with a can of dry shampoos, talc transculent can also be used to absorb oil on your hair without leaving the rest of the colored powder on hair.

c. Smart in wearing dry shampoo

The wearing of dry shampoos will not eliminate excessive oil on your hair, but instead can make the hair getting greasy. Why? The more oil that is busting products stick to the scalp will create very dry scalp. If your scalp is dry, then another layer of scalp will be more and more produce oil. Because that's what your hair can increasingly greasy if discharging dry shampoos do. After all dry shampoos do not work to clean the hair completely, but rather gives a fresh and absorbs a little oil on your hair.

d. Styling your hair to become frizzy

If you have oily hair, a good thing to avoid in styling your hair is making the hair become straight. Because the straight hair, the easier the hair shaft in contact with oily scalp, so that the hair shaft also so greasy. Whereas with Frizz, your hair can pick up higher than Your scalp and roots that are greasy. Try using rollers to curl your hair, and don't forget to use a strong hairspray to keep the layout and structure of your hair.

e. Create your own shampoo shine without dye substances

This cleanser shampoo is the best product to clean the dust, dirt and oil from your hair. Usually, after dikeramas with this shampoo, oil on your hair will take longer to show up and ruin the appearance of the hair.



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