Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This Difference in Hairstyle "Shaggy" and Layer

Talk about hair styles women who are current trends is Shaggy hairstyles and hair style the layer. But did you know often is hard to identify the woman usually shaggy hair styles and layer.

Hairstyle "Shaggy" and Layer

What is so difficult to see? If viewed at a glance, the two hairstyles that are virtually the same. Also many people who thought if pieces of shaggy and the layer is actually the same. All the same, timeless haircut by the time it's actually different.

Sonny Gunawan, a Hairdresser from Jhonny Andrean found on the Shag Cut launch event on Jhonny Andrean Premium, Jakarta, some time ago, said, "If there was a shaggy trapnya. There is the club of the most hair from short to long. While the plain layer. The form is just there at the rump, "

Agreeing to her Shaggy hair Model fit was applied to women of assorted historic periods.

"For the kids just a little layernya because children do not bother to coordinate. Teens not know what a bunch of layers. For adults, the shaggy made higher let their hair volume effects, "he explained.

This year, according to Sonny, shaggy hair styles with medium length became a favorite with many women.

In addition to passing on the impression of a classic, shaggy medium Model is also more easily styled. Hence, just need a little straightened out or blow the end of the hair to make the issue of loudness



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