Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors Hair

Hello readers, particularly women on the article this time we will share tips on choosing hair dye colors that match your skin tone. Adult hair coloring has now become a lifestyle that you may apply in everyday life. Not only black, Brown andreddish hair color ever is now a trend that can't be avoided any longer. Sebgianlonger exists that this hair color compatibility with clothing or outfitt they use.

Several women even more daring again and dye their hair with color that look seccentric, bright and flashy. Not a few women who bravely coloring their hair flamingred, blue, yellow, purple combination even overall. But many women who tend to beconventional and memlih black, dark or Brown as the color of their hair. But whetherall the hair color that's perfect for you especially if it's usually with the texture of your skin tone?

For some reason on the article above, this time there was little tips on choosing hair dye colors suit your skin tone so you look charming and increasingly beautiful. Tips for selecting hair dye colors is very important so that you do not look weird andterrible when applying hair dye that does not match with your skin or its appearance.

• The color of pale white skin.
Pale white skin color actually includes rare. But if you have pale white skin tone, hair dye that suits you is a little bright colors contrast with your skin. The color of copper, gold, until redness is perfectly suited to making pale white skin you look more fresh and alive.

• The skin is yellow skin.
If you have a yellow skin color skin, you're lucky because you can apply the included a wide selection of cat hair. Soft color such as ceshnut and mahogany is very fitting toyour skin. But it's good you don't apply the color is too bright if your skin is the skin yellow.

• Ripe Sapodilla Fruit Leather.
If you have a ripe sapodilla fruit skin warrants, try select hair dye Brown, plum,mahogany or other warm colors. Avoid overly bright colors as well as a very green and blue contrast with your skin.

• Dark color to black.
For those of you who have darker skin with warrants, as much as possible to avoid thehair dye too flashy. The colors green, blue, yellow or red light up is a big no. However, you can apply color to purplish and redness on your hair.

How about an explanation of yesteryear? Have got inspiration after reading the tips on choosing hair dye colors suit your skin tone at the top?



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