Thursday, July 13, 2017

This is What Men Need to Know About Grey Hair

Most of the men may be the most frightening thing regarding the appearance of the hair that is starting to change colour to white or grey hair. The emergence of white hair prematurely can bring anxiety. In fact, not all hair is overgrown with grey hair looks bad.

What Men Need to Know About Grey Hair

When you've been greying or worry greying, know some things related can of white hair appears around the age of 30 years.

1. The causes of grey hair?

Based on the United States National Library of Medicine, hair colour is determined by the hair pigment called melanin produced by the hair follicle. The follicles are structures in the skin that create and grow hair.

Along with ageing, not to mention the many follicles make melanin, and this causes hair greying. Usually, it starts to happen in 30 years. But, everyone will be grizzled at different ages. Why? Genetic is the main reason you are greying. Usually, the faster is the people of Caucasian race, then Asian and black last. Some researchers believe half the population has a greying at the age of 50 years.

2. can grey hair back as before?

If you are young (under 35) and grizzled, promptly see a doctor. According to research, a deficiency of vitamin B12 or a problem with the pituitary gland or thyroid can cause premature white hair arise.

Greying is caused due to the interruption of the disease could come back like hair again if the problem is treated. If the trigger due to genetic factors, there is no cure,

3. How to prevent grey hair?

You can't fight it if there are genetic factors in the body, but you can compensate. Overall, keep the body stay healthy and limit the activities that accelerate ageing. So, stop smoking and dietary fix.

Although there is no research that proves smoking cause grey hair directly, smoking causes premature ageing. Nutritional supplements, vitamins, and other products will not stop or lower the level of grey hair, but improve the health in General, are once again important to slow down ageing.

Foods such as Omega 3 heart keep hair remains strong, so it's important it is advisable to eat the fish, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables, and avoid refined sugar. To replenish levels of vitamin B12 to eat poultry, eggs, cheese, milk and seafood. And get Sun. Hair follicles have vitamin D in them, so get sunlight morning with bare skin for 20 minutes per day to improve vitamin D.

4. Try a hair dye or not

"It doesn't matter if your hair is coloured like salt and pepper, platinum or silver fox, the best way to dye the grey and Caring for You is to make it shiny and healthy, not a drab and dull," said Ash-Leigh Croker, a hair stylist in Valonz.

Very reasonable let it greying (many celebrities do), and it's much easier because the dye colour needs care on a regular basis. "If you do not want to commit to taking care of your hair, we recommend that you make it a habit with grey hair," said Croker.

5. the right Pieces

Grizzled or not, man must choose hairstyles that reflect their lifestyle, personal taste and of course, according to the structure of the face.

According to Aiden Xydis from The men's Grooming Room, there are some haircuts can help showing grey hair was the best way: short or long on the sides at the top would be better for men with thick hair showing grey tones that are different
in a manner and style best.

For curly hair, leave a little more length (2-3 inches) it shows the curls and grey tones are different, the shape of the wave and look at curls. For those with thin hair, short on it is usually the best and comb back.

6. What about the greying beard?

The beard is cool, but you need to take care of him. "There are many different styles you can try to clothe the beard, for example as a neat trim
beard, "said Xydis.

"I find that structured and contoured style better than the style of ' Ned Kelly '-previously, which had been proven to be popular."

7. Treatment

Caring for hair and silvery coloured push start should be simple. The key lets colour grey persists. So that piece of hair pulling, notice the texture of your hair. Then add the powder to hair texture and volume to make it more visible.



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