Monday, July 24, 2017

8 Myths Reserved Your Hair which is not Proven

The hair becomes an important part in the appearance of a woman. So it is not wrong if all women will pay attention to the care of his hair to get perfect hair is healthy, a lot of things to do and avoid.

8 Myths Reserved Your Hai

So don't be surprised if a lot of women who believe in the existence of myths about hair care, which is actually a myth that not everything is right.

Here are the myths about hair that you should ignore

1. Air drying better than blow drying

The study mentions that the hair is dried using blow drying would be broken on the surface. While the hair is dried by air drying will be broken on the inside of their bonds.

Hair that is exposed to air too long will swell and suppress the protein in it. Don't let the hair dry out on its own, use a hair dryer with the lowest temperature.

2. Dandruff indicates dry scalp

In fact, most often found in dandruff and oily hair. So, don't worry about washing hair again, to make clean.

3. Hair cut every six months once will accelerate its growth

Hair growth occurs on the scalp and hair cutting frequency has nothing to do with the growth itself. Cutting hair with the routine will prevent damage that occurs at the end of it.

4. Stress makes your hair change

Grey hair is largely caused by genetic factors and ageing. Stress usually only make hair loss.

5. Ponytail hair too often will make it a loss

The ponytail does not cause hair loss, but it can damage the follicle itself. The bottom line is, you shouldn't be too often Ponytail the hair, especially with a rubber band.

6. Rinse your hair with cold water will close the cuticle

The hair does not contain living cells, so he also will not react to the cold water. If you want to keep hair smooth and shiny, use the right conditioner products.

7. The less combing, the more healthy hair

Combing the hair can distribute natural oils to all parts of your hair, but don't get too often. Too often the friction will make combing and hair tangled from time to time.

8. Need to replace the shampoo because it does not work anymore

Different shapes will give different results. Change the shampoo because of the state of your hair and consider replacing the conditioner as well.

Those are the eight myths about your hair the women you should ignore. Keep your hair in a healthy and natural way.



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